Current Focus

My current focus continues to be website development, whitehat SEO and customized cloud based business solutions.

Web Design
With the popularity of CMS tools as well as so many high schools, tech schools and colleges teaching all levels of web design the website development area of my business has taken a bit of  a hit. I still muddle through creating a good 6-12 websites each year.

The main focus of my body of work has been database driven e-commerce websites offering customized administration areas that provide the end user the ability to add multitudes of product with ease.

The search engine ranking and optimization arena has changed dramatically from the early years and requires the “do no harm” philosophy first while trying to maintain or gain search positions for clients.  There are so many thoughts and directions one can go but the pure truth is a solid mobile friendly design, good relevant content, social with campaign and offers is your best basic strategy. All the rest falls into hard work not hocus pocus.

Cloud Based Business Solutions
In 2105 I began focusing on developing cloud based business solutions (CBBS) which offer the business owner an alternative to web app or mobile app technology. Many of these solutions focus on customizing web based solutions to internal communication, customer communications and notifications as well as interfaces which allow the customer to respond or initiate communication with the business/owner.

In the years to come I intend on continuing to develop my client base, knowledge with regard to the above and focus my efforts better customer/clients relationships. After all computers, smart phones and even silicon valley still require that “human touch”! is my most current CBBS.

Recent Body of Work


Web Design
Bayside Home Watch

Business Solutions
(complete home watch business software package)

Informational Business Sites

Consulting Services For...
(while launching new parts catalog)