About AWSM Guy


Here I am with my beautiful wife, Joann.

Hello, my name is Bill Wright.

I began website development in 1995, before the advent of development tools and CMS software. Back in the days when coding by hand was all the rage – hell it was all we KNEW!!

The early days were not glamorous nor do I look back with nostalgia – they were HARD!!! Just image having to write every line of code by hand, page by page, folder by folder, website by website. Thank GOD we have evolved!!

Like many of my colleagues of that era we had little knowledge of what this industry would produce but each and everyone of us had a burning desire to create something – most of us just fun doing it!!

The origination of AWSM Guy!!
When I first began developing websites for other people and for a fee, I realized and wanted a company name that was unique. I settled on Awesome WebSite Marketing. The name came about from two general rules of thought: 1) Everyone was over using the word AWESOME to describe the internet and website design in general and 2) I realized early on that website design was only the FIRST step in a successful web presence on the Internet.

I came up with the acronym of A.W.S.M. almost immediately and since I am a guy it all fell into place. By the way, Joann is AWSM Gal :)

We live in Port Charlotte Florida, have 3 children and 11 grandchildren!! Yes, I am old but my mind is still sharp!


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